Established in 1974 as a buying agency, we have been manufacturing high quality premium garments for the past four decades. From fabric selection and sourcing, designing and production to marketing, we have been actively involved with our clients in every step of the process.

We have a rich experience of working with top European brands and fashion houses. Our leadership is committed to creating win - win situations and satisfaction for all users & stake holders in the business by delivering its promises with precision, reliability & integrity.

We invite alliances from across the globe. We are not strict about the quantity of the order and are open to working with young and upcoming brands.

We would like to keep always the "big picture" in mind.  We would like to invest in relationships and think long term!


We favour the joy of journey over destination, relationships over possessions, experiences over materials, struggle over achievement and becoming over being.

Our Culture

Our Mission

To create a vibrant, technology driven, service oriented, value enterprise which always remains a market leader in its chosen areas of activity utilising the knowledge, education, wisdom, experience and entrepreneurship of the team leadership.

Our Vision

The team is committed to empower its business partners and through them the end users by constantly adding value to its offerings.

The team shall constantly strive to promote concepts in business which involve the blending of its innovative skills with its international experience in management know-how and do-how to produce win-win situations and create smiles all around.

To create a smart organization which is constantly learning in order to keep up with change and to stay ahead of the curve.

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